Our Teachers…


Midge Furlong – Studio Owner


Bikram Yoga has become a part of Midge’s life since about 12 years ago.  She played competitive sports throughout college and running began to take a toll on her body.  She started to feel stiffness, limp and have tight, sore muscles. There was no Bikram Yoga studio near her house so she traveled over 30 minutes a few times a week to practice.  Midge began to fall in love with the feeling Bikram Yoga gave the body. She craved the detox, the stretching and meditation she received for the 90-minute moving mediation.  It helped Midge mentally and physically throughout her life.  She wanted her friends and family to experience that same feeling.

Midge went to Teacher Training in fall of 2007 in Hawaii with the dream of owning her own Bikram Yoga studio closer to where she lived.  “I opened Bikram Yoga Burr Ridge in June 2009 and have enjoyed every day. My goal is for our studio to be a relaxed, welcoming environment for all!  I hope to expose more people to Bikram Yoga.  I want everyone to put their fears behind them and take a Bikram class today!  Just breathe… it’s only yoga.”

Victoria Rowell


My passion for sharing the practice of Yoga began soon after my very first class in 2001! I felt a such a strong connection to myself by exploring different styles of Yoga. I love Hot Yoga- Bikram style for the heat and many therapeutic benefits , I love Vinyasa for the organic flow and creativity. I fell in love with Ashtanga Yoga for the lineage and discipline required. I see now anything is possible with regular practice.  Almost immediately I knew I wanted to inspire others to experience good health, inner peace, incredible strength, beauty, truth and Love! Through breath, movement, and bodily sensation you can move beyond ANY conditions of your own mind.  I am honored to share the different methods of Yoga I have studied and practiced for the past 15 years. If you are on the journey to reach your highest potential, you must be ready to begin again and again, no matter how broke or broken you feel, all is impermanent!  Yoga is a life practice for self transformation, it only asks that you show up everyday to see what is possible, look inside for your answers.

“Practice with Love and All is Coming.”
Namaste ~

Dawn Micele


Dawn started Bikram yoga in 2006 when her job became very intense.  A group of ladies from her office went to class but she was the only one that kept going.  Dawn loved that she had to work hard in a different way for each posture. “I loved how much I sweat.” She told my husband after the first class, “ I don’t know what it is but I have never felt better”.  Emotionally, it keeps her centered and balanced in a way that she never experienced before.  She learned that she could breathe through anything.

After six months of working hard on her practice, Dawn overheard Brie Monks (fellow BYBR teacher) talking about the teacher training she had just completed and knew that was her next step, “I had to go!” Dawn went to teacher training in the fall of 2007 and continues to love teaching as much as she loves to practice.


Maria Rodriguez


 Maria’s daughter invited her to her first Bikram class in January 2009. Quite honestly, she did it just so she could spend time with her daughter.  Her mind tuned out for 90 minutes because of the moving meditation.  Meditation was not easy for Maria, it was impossible to quiet her thoughts and she realized practicing Bikram Yoga made it possible.  She started practicing nearly every day. More astonishing, she was realizing a change in her breathing outside of
the studio. Maria realized she was in control of her breath; she was more
mindful of her breathing, more mindful of every moment! Telling herself to ‘just breath’ changed her mind and her thoughts. At the time Maria was active in running and cycling but soon, the physical benefits realized in yoga were improving her abilities in running.  She realized very quickly that Bikram was for her, it was her daughter’s gift to her and now Maria’s gift to share to the world. Maria went to teacher training in LA in the fall of 2012 after sending her youngest daughter away to college. She taught in San Francisco,
and immediately continued teaching Bikram Yoga back home in Chicago. Maria is very grateful to the studios and students who have allowed her to share the practice of yoga every day.

 Diane Dungca


A teacher at heart, Diane was teaching junior high science in the public schools in Cicero, IL for and previously taught private violin and piano lessons for over  decade.  She has always been passionate about movement and strength training and obtained 2 kettlebell certifications (Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification and International Kettlbell Fitness Federation in 2010 – 2012).  Exercise has been a great outlet and it was when she started something completely different – Bikram Yoga – that she started to realize the mental benefits of having a practice.  The yoga practice is mental as much as it is physical.  She attended  Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in the fall of 2013 in Los Angeles, California.  She loves all varieties of mobility and exercise and hopes to spread this awareness to schools and the community.

Teri Shannon


Teri Shannon has had a life long love for an active life style. As an adult, Martial Arts and Rollerblading were her primary activities until 2003 when she took her first Bikram Yoga class. One class was all it took and The 26 Hot Postures became a blazing passion!

In 2006, Teri attended Bikram Yoga College of India Teacher Training in Los Angeles. She then began teaching Bikram Yoga full time and continues to today.

Teri loves the science of Hot Yoga and teaching students the benefits of the postures in class to encourage the continued practice and hard work. She also enjoys seeing student blossom in their own individual ways! Teri has continued perusing her Yoga and Anatomy Education and feels there is endless knowledge and benefits to be gained with a regular practice. She looks forward to seeing you in class!

Stefanie Maloney


Stefanie started practicing yoga in 1998  in hopes of alleviating back pain after having her 4th child.  She began at her local health club and after 3 weeks, her back problems went away and she felt more energetic and healthful than before.  From then on she made yoga practice her priority and everything else seemed to fall into place.  Stefanie received her RYT-200 certification through Chicago Yoga Center and teaches yoga in hopes to become happier and healthier.  Her advice to new students is to not be discouraged when you start because everybody is unique.  She emphasizes the philosophy of non-competition in her classes which balance rigor and serenity.

Angel Arflack


Angel coaches Body Core classes at BRHY but also trains athletes for group and personal sessions at Lifetime.  She has a world of knowledge regarding the fitness industry and is a Yogi herself!  Angel is a triathlete and marathoner and offers a great class to supplement your fitness regimen.

Not Pictured:  Kathryne Maguire,  Emily O’ Loughlin,  Silver Medrano