Vibration Sound Meditation Journey

With Henrietta (Hank) Hammerlund

 October 13th 2017 6:00 PM

$25 for nonmembers, $20 for members

 Henrietta takes you on a meditation journey by creating resonating, harmonic sounds using her singing bowls and gongs tuned with the moon & wind.  These sounds create deep vibrations that encourage cells, organs, and systems to re-tune at their balanced frequencies.  The harmonic vibrations flow to and through the chakras and within the points of the body where tension or injury memories may be stored.  The sounds of these instruments provide a centering point of focus for our busy minds to find a natural state of peaceful relaxation.

Your part is natural and easy. Come and sit or lay out to allow the vibration to enter your being.  Bring a blanket and floor mat to sit on.


“The healer guided me through a deep meditation. . . I was able to enter a state of mental relaxation where I could address my life and nurture my spirit, a priceless experience.” Drew C., HS student, client


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